Ryan Killeen

Chat AI models: accessibility tools?


I've been following AI news for some time, through many the hype cycles, and am now on the hype train. What's changed? Language models are capable of excellent tone adjustments, summaries, expansions, and extrapolation. They're also easier to use than ever!

As someone with ADHD, writing can be a daunting task. Struggling with organization, getting distracted, it can feel like a never-ending battle to get words on the page. But thanks to language models like ChatGPT, writing has become much easier for me.

One of the biggest benefits of using a language model like ChatGPT is that I can get to a first draft in 30 seconds. With ChatGPT, I simply type out my ideas and it generates a coherent, well-structured draft. I can write the interesting parts, without getting bogged down.

Language models also help me translate my tone and language to different types of audiences. For example, if I'm writing outreach copy to a certain audience, ChatGPT can help me strike the right tone and use the appropriate language. This is especially helpful for folks with ADHD, who can sometimes struggle with maintaining a consistent tone in my writing.

Finally, language models can make it easier for me to summarize, bullet, or extend my writing. If I need to condense a long paragraph into a brief summary, ChatGPT can quickly generate a condensed version for me. Or if I need to expand on a particular point, ChatGPT can provide extra information and examples to help me elaborate.

ChatGPT helped write this article, but I also asked it to summarize it here: