Ryan Killeen

A Re-introduction


A personal site is a great excuse to exercise what we already know and to research what we do not yet. With that goal in mind, I'd like to reintroduce ryankilleen.com!

Writing down my questions, learnings, and experiences has been a long-time goal. I'm continually inspired by individuals like Shawn Wang (@swyx), Ali Spittel, and so many other folks I hope to emulate and credit here, while I learn in the open.

My goal for this site is to better share what I know with my communities. These ramblings will vary from front-end engineering, my personal journey with ADHD and sobriety, career introspection, and whatever is over the horizon.

The Rewrite

My main goals in building a new site were:

I decided to use this go-around to explore Remix, the new full-stack React framework on the scene. I'm a long-time NextJS user, and was intrigued by the new approach!

In an attempt to limit moving parts, I stuck with a few great tools I know and love: for hosting, I'm using Netlify, and for a CMS, I'm using Sanity

The very first iteration of this site included no blog, and that was by design! The singular landing page was used to build momentum. I could tweak overall aesthethics (I am not a designer by trade) and feel out what was important to me. This iterative approach allowed me to iron out the build pipeline, explore Remix's conventions, and remain focused on getting a foundation built.